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Scott Sepanek has been wonderful in introducing not only the positive benefits of his literature and books which is great for the soul, but also the cognitive and well being benefits of maintaing physical health as well.   

- Pearl, San Diego CA

My testimonial: I personally use all of the AlternaScript® Products. Since I am 60 years old, I especially love OptiMind® for sharp mental focus and short and long term memory enhancement. Also the inspired books I have written have helped further a lifelong passion for writing, researching and teaching about eternal values.

- Scott Sepanek, San Diego CA

  • OptiMind® for sharp mental focus and memory.
  • NuCulture™ for Health Protection. Digestion Support. Feeling Great.
  • RestUp™ For A Full Nights Sleep.
  • How To Cure Racism© For a working synopsis on the root cause of racism and how to apply the solution to our daily lives.
  • Chosen For Eternity© How to be supernaturally blessed, favored and chosen for eternity.

September 2016:

So far, these products have enjoyed a wide range of approval and positive response. Many thanks go out to all the fine people who have taken the chance to improve their situation, stimulate their interest, and make a positive leap forward with a commitment to their physical and spiritual well-being. Thank you to all & much love! 

A means possible to connect with Scott who stands behind these products for feedback and relationship building.  

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Scott has been dedicated to a lifelong pursuit of health, fitness and now at 60 years of age, the importance of cognitive ability is tantamount to overall long-term good health and happiness.